Yamaha Pianos for Sale in Las Vegas, NV

Are you shopping for a piano in Las Vegas? At Las Vegas Pianos we proudly offer new Yamaha Pianos exclusively. Our selection is complete with Yamaha Grand and Upright Pianos, Disklavier™ Interactive Player Pianos, Clavinova™ Digital Pianos, Yamaha Silent Pianos and the Yamaha Hybrid Piano collection. Navigate through our website for an overview of our store and the Yamaha Piano product choices. You will be amazed how Yamaha has nurtured and developed the piano, an instrument that is more than three centuries old, to be relevant to 21st Century lifestyles and musical performance!  No matter what your piano music aspirations might be you can be sure that a Yamaha will give you the widest horizon of options with the highest quality and value compared to any other piano company in the world.

Yamaha is the most recognized piano name around the world. Our Yamaha Piano owners include families with beginning musicians to professional performers, many who entertain right here in Las Vegas. Yamaha Pianos are found in famous venues throughout our city, including The Smith Center, the major resort hotels on the Strip, schools and churches. But most important are the private individuals and families who own a Yamaha Piano that adds musical life to their personal spaces. Please visit the rest of our website, contact us with any questions you might have and visit our Yamaha Piano Store.

Click on the “Piano” tab above and begin to discover all of the choices Yamaha offers…there is a Yamaha Piano that will suit your needs perfectly. Come to our store soon so that we can help you find your piano…we want you to tell your friends:


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Yamaha Piano Prices

Most of the pictures and graphics on our website can be mouse clicked to take you to the product description on Yamaha’s corporate website. You will notice that Yamaha publishes a suggested retail price for most of the pianos that you will see. Yamaha is one of the few piano manufacturers to follow this practice. Upon your visit to our store you will find our prices to be substantially lower than the suggested website prices. Our goal is to help you find best piano at the best price. Click this link to read and download our piano shopping guides:

How to Buy the Best Piano