The Bosendorfer Piano — Las Vegas, NV

Born in the center of European culture the Bosendorfer Piano became the piano of choice by famous musicians and composers in history including Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Liszt and many more. Bosendorfer Pianos are played today by musicians of all genres as diverse as Valentina Lisitsa, Wilhelm Backhaus, Tori Amos, and many others. Founded by Ignaz Bosendorfer in 1828 the company began handcrafting the finest pianos in Vienna, where the factory still exists today.

The sound of a Bosendorfer is unique as compared to the other two internationally recognized concert piano manufacturers. Over 80% of the wood used in the construction of a Bosendorfer Piano is Austrian spruce tonewood so that the entire piano responds to each and every note played by the pianist. This construction principal follows the Viennese tradition of piano building. Placido Domingo describes what he considers to be the most perfect sound of a piano: “Sometimes pianists try to sound like singers. Me personally I try to sound like a Bosendorfer”.

Works of art are enjoyed in many forms such as paintings, sculptures, ballets, etc. Visit Las Vegas Pianos to appreciate why a Bosendorfer Piano is considered to be a work of piano art by the most discerning musicians around the world.

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