Clavinova Digital Pianos

Clavinova™ is the world’s first digital piano, introduced more than three decades ago. Today it remains as the only digital piano designed and built by a recognized concert piano builder: Yamaha. The expressive piano capabilities of Clavinova are recognized around the world. Clavinovas are used in more than 700 music institutions because students can play without compromising the experience of playing a grand piano.

NEW!!! The Clavinova Smart Piano: CSP Series - You Can Play Today!


Clavinova CVP-Series Ensemble Piano

Not only is Clavinova CVP a is a complete orchestra with countless authentic orchestral voices, solo instruments, percussion sounds and more. Record and mix your performance to produce your own symphony concert. Clavinova Ensemble Pianos let you play how you want and let you sound like you want! As an advanced piano performer or a first time player, a Clavinova CVP will make you sound like a symphony orchestra at the push of a button!

Clavinova CLP Digital Piano

The CLP-Series Pianos offer the tone and touch of the traditional 88-note piano with so much more: learning tools such as a built in metronome, record and playback features make playing more exciting for beginners and advanced players alike.  Headset outputs enable private playing no matter what time of day or night. Best of all, the CLP-Series Pianos start at prices far below the traditional upright piano!