These three words are the basis by which professional pianists around the word choose their performance piano. And it is these three attributes that separate all pianos into one of two categories. The vast majority of pianos on the market today fall into the first category which is best described as a consumer piano. Product design, raw materials and methods of construction are determined by targeted consumer piano purchase price points. Most of these pianos carry different brand labels but are manufactured in a single piano factory. Seldom will any of these pianos be found in a professional piano teaching studio, a commercial setting or a musical performance venue.

Pianos that are recognized as performance pianos fall into a very small and exclusive category of pianos. These are instruments that are designed, engineered and assembled to achieve very specific and uncompromising professional piano performance standards. You will find these pianos on concert stages and in recording studios, university music departments, etc. Only three piano builders from around the world have earned this reputation and professional acceptance. Each of these piano companies builds their namesake pianos exclusively in their own piano factories, and all three companies have been in business for over 125 years.

Yamaha is a proud member of this exclusive piano class. And Yamaha is the only performance piano builder that offers the most complete selection of piano models and sizes to match performance needs from that of a first time student to the rigorous demands and expectations of the international piano performance community.

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