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Learning music at the piano is all good for everyone at any age. It is NEVER too late to start! Children who take piano lessons exceed in every aspect of their development years: academic achievements, especially math and science, social skills, self confidence, and so much more. Adults who learn to play will enjoy not only their own music but will also gain many other benefits that are tied to good health and longevity.

We offer certified piano lessons in Las Vegas and our surrounding communities. Our faculty members hold advanced music degrees in piano performance from noted music schools including the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY.

We are proud to offer the internationally acclaimed Yamaha Music Education System. It is through the Yamaha system that young music students from the age of three can begin a lifetime that will be enriched through the gifts of music. The Yamaha Junior Music Course is taught in an age appropriate group environment that awakens young minds to the fascinations of music. Other Yamaha piano courses, both group and private, foster and promote the music student’s journey to advanced levels 0f piano performance. Several of our students have placed in top positions in many piano competitions here in Las Vegas and beyond.

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The Yamaha Music Education System was instituted more than 50 years ago and is taught in over 40 countries around the world. Students at the Las Vegas Piano Music School become members of a growing population of music makers that now tops more than 6 million graduates of the Yamaha Music Education System.

We know that learning the piano doesn’t just make someone a better musician…it makes them a better person!