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A qualified piano tuner is a highly skilled technician with the ability to feel the mechanical and hear the auditory attributes of your piano. We work with piano tuners who are members of the Piano Technicians Guild. Members of this guild have proven skills in all aspects of piano tuning and mechanical adjustments.

Every piano needs a tuning service at least once each year to preserve its tone quality and structural integrity. A neglected piano is no different than a car. Without oil changes and other routine maintenance the car won’t last very long!

Likewise, a piano that is tuned and adjusted on a regular basis will last much longer, and sound better than one that is neglected. Without a regularly scheduled piano tuning the instrument might sound good when played by itself, but will “relax” as time goes by. The pitch continually drops because the strings are always stretching themselves ever so slightly out of tune. A piano tuning service re-tightens the strings up to their intended pitch tension. The entire piano structure becomes re-pressurized to its intended stress level.

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