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Retrofit Player

Retrofit Player

Retrofit Your Acoustic Piano with Player Technology

Easily and affordably record your piano performances with meticulous precision

Player Pianos have come a long way since the days of pumping oversized pedals to operate the piano action using music recorded on perforated paper (or even metallic rolls!). Today’s technology is based on Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI), which transfers sound in a way that can be easily and reliably recorded, edited or played back.

This technology has come so far that it can now be seamlessly installed on virtually any acoustic piano — whether you have an upright piano, a baby grand, concert grand, or any size in between.

Pianists and musicians: You can now instantly capture every nuanced expression of your piano performances and practice sessions from any acoustic piano.

PNOscan™ MIDI record strip is our proven choice

The PNOscan™ MIDI record strip from QRS boasts state-of-the-art optical sensors that record music directly from your acoustic piano:

  • Every key motion, including the force, speed and length of every note, is recorded with unparalleled accuracy and precision
  • The sustain, soft, and sostenuto pedals measure incremental movement in order to faithfully reproduce pedaling action

You’ll enjoy a truly authentic, interference-free recording of the expressive timing and dynamics of your performance. Your recordings can then be output as a standard MIDI file or you can use the QRS Pianomation player piano system for more dynamic playback.


Piano Player Technology

Affordable and easy to install

Although this technology is designed to be a high-performance solution for discerning musicians and composers, its reasonable price and easy installation keeps it accessible and practical for piano students and music teachers as well. Anyone who wants to save their piano performances will benefit from retrofitting their piano with player technology!

To learn more about adding piano player technology to your acoustic piano, call 702-452-2400 or contact us.

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