The Fusion of Piano Tradition and 21st Century Piano Sound Technology!

A Yamaha Hybrid Piano starts with the traditional wood key and hammer action assemblies found in Yamaha Professional Grand and Upright Pianos. Every mechanical nuance of speed, control and accuracy await the impulses and commands of the performer’s finger tips. From there the Hybrid Piano transmits the performance to a new world of sound technology that is recognized by musicians, teachers and sound engineers around the world to be the ultimate intersection of acoustic and digital sound!

Consider these Yamaha Hybrid Piano advantages for students & professionals alike. Yamaha hybrid pianos never need tuning. Because of Yamaha’s advanced sound technology the player can record a performance, save it and play it back. For the student this helps to hear the progress gained from a practice session. For the professional a recorded and saved midi file is ready for sound mixing and engineering. Headset options provide privacy and convenience for all players. Midi in-out along with industry standard audio output signals make the Yamaha Hybrid Piano the perfect choice for live performances,  no matter what size venue or climatic environment, with no strings attached!