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Debut of New Model of CFX Yamaha Concert Grand Piano

Next-Generation Concert Grand Unites Player and Piano in Harmony

How do you improve on excellence? Yamaha’s newly designed 2022 CFX Concert Grand is a glowing example of how it’s done. Starting with the highly acclaimed 2010 CFX, Yamaha craftsmen have labored for an additional 12 years to create a piano at an even higher level where the “music flows effortlessly, with the player and piano in harmony, as one.” Using Yamaha’s “Unibody Concept”, Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (an original wood-reforming technology developed by Yamaha), and a soundboard even more efficient at transforming vibrations into resonant sound, the new CFX is an instrument that makes it possible for the player to express a near-endless range of emotions.

Features of the 2022 CFX concert grand

From Yamaha USA

Rim & back posts:

The top one percent of hand selected beech and mahogany are chosen to give the rim a warm, deep sound quality. State-of-the-art A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) technology reduces moisture content to give wood an aged character that suppresses damping for clean vibrations. An innovative joint method brings expertly seasoned woods together for smooth, resonant tone.


Every CFX frame is sand casted at our custom frame factory in Iwata, Japan. Yamaha master metalsmiths have spent decades refining innovative designs for their unique ability to support the tension of the strings while resonating beautifully with the soundboard.


Each soundboard is fashioned from the top one percent of European spruce. This strong, lightweight wood is hand selected for its ability to transform string vibrations into beautiful, resonant sound. The shape of the crown has been refined to add a deeper, more resonant mid-bass sound and the width, height and position of the sound ribs has been modified to increase dynamic range.


The bridge is handcrafted from the finest maple and has been reshaped in the mid treble register to increase effective string length, enhancing lower frequencies between the mid-treble and treble, optimizing balance across the entire register. The result is an extraordinary union of projection and richness in every note.


The highest quality German felt is hand-selected and individually shaped to impart an exceptional tone and rich palette of sounds with more depth and nuance in each note. To assure the fibers remain in their pristine, natural state, each piece of felt is carefully shaped and bound to the hammer at the optimum temperature using a specialized in-house process. This custom crafted hammer felt is paired with walnut for its natural ability to enhance the overall sound of the instrument.


Each part of the keyboard action has been refined to increase the connection between player and piano. The capstan screw, contact point between keyboard and action and roller material have all been reimagined to help provide a more responsive touch from delicate pianissimo to powerful fortissimo.

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