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Yamaha YUS Pianos:
Are These the World’s Grandest Uprights?

It’s no secret that for musical products, one name stands out for manufacturing instruments with meticulous attention to detail and quality control. That name, of course, is Yamaha. Since the introduction of their first acoustic piano in 1900, the quality of Yamaha products has grown to reach elite status not only in the professional world but in institutions, educational settings, and homes where music is essential.

Iconic models that define Yamaha's reputation

Well-known models such as the U1 upright (said to be the best-selling in the world), the C7X semi-concert grand (found in institutions and recording studios worldwide), and the tonal-expanding SX Series grands have kept the Yamaha name at the forefront of those who love the piano. The number of performing arts venues and important conservatories favoring Yamaha is vast and constantly growing, not to mention the list of famous classical, contemporary, and jazz artists who play Yamahas exclusively.

Given their ability to build world-class pianos, it is no surprise that Yamaha would be the company to create an upright that many say is a pianistic leap in design, expansive tone, and precise touch. This achievement is Yamaha’s YUS Series uprights.

Yamaha YUS Series: An upright piano benchmark

Since its inception, the upright piano has had the reputation of being unable to recreate a grand piano’s touch and tone fully. While there are physical and mechanical reasons for this, it has yet to prevent Yamaha artisans from researching and developing ways to elevate the upright piano’s musical possibilities. With the YUS Series, Yamaha has created an upright that matches the tonal range and beauty of many grand pianos.

The meticulous craftsmanship of the YUS is a pianist's dream

From the hand-wound German strings and hammers with premium-grade felts like those used on Yamaha’s CFX concert grand, every detail is carefully considered and vital to creating an exceptional experience. Yamaha’s master technicians regulate the action to ensure the touch is responsive and as close to a grand piano as possible.

YUS uprights offer superb dynamic range capabilities for the seasoned musician, allowing them to express their artistry in captivating ways. And for those beginning their musical journey, owning a YUS Series piano will motivate and inspire.

A closer look at the Yamaha YUS1, YUS3, and YUS5 models

Handcrafted in the Japanese Kakegawa factory, each YUS series piano features:

  • Soundboards selected from the highest-grade spruce from Yamaha’s Kitami Mill in Hokkaido, Japan, which produces some of the world’s finest soundboards.
  • Redesigned hammers with top-grade premium felt, voiced in the factory by Yamaha’s master technicians to create a lush, warm, and enveloping sound.
  • Actions that are meticulously regulated to ensure the touch of each piano is intuitive and responsive, allowing the player to play the softest pianissimo to fortissimo.
  • A tonal escapement system to enhance clarity and power, rarely found in an upright.

The Yamaha YUS Series includes three models, each designed to maintain the brand’s high standards:

  • YUS1: Known as the “Super U1,” this instrument measures 48” in height. It improves upon the acclaimed U1 design in material and construction. The YUS1 is excellent for players who seek a professional-grade upright piano with enhanced expressiveness and tonal quality.
  • YUS3: At 52” tall, this is a step up from the YUS1. It has a larger soundboard and longer strings, contributing to a richer and even more resonant tone.
  • YUS5: The flagship YUS5 also stands 52” tall and offers the best upright piano experience within the series. Featuring Ivorite keytops and advanced action design, this instrument provides an even more precise touch response. The YUS5 is a favorite among discerning pianists who seek the ultimate in upright piano performance and can appreciate subtle enhancements in touch and tone.

Enjoy innovative playing with Silent and TransAcoustic models

Are you looking for a playing experience that pairs acoustic purity and digital convenience? Check out the Silent piano options of the YUS1 SH3, YUS3 SH3, and YUS5 SH3, which allow players to plug in headphones and enjoy the rich Yamaha piano sound without external noise — perfect for private practice in any environment.

The TransAcoustic YUS1 TA3, YUS3 TA3, and YUS5 TA3 models, on the other hand, go a step further by turning the entire piano into a “live” speaker. This allows for volume control and the addition of digital sounds resonating through the actual soundboard, transforming your upright into a myriad of instruments with astonishing realism, including the sound of Yamaha’s 9ft grand piano.

Experience the 'grand' sound of Yamaha YUS upright pianos for yourself

If you yearn for the sound of a grand piano but only have space for an upright, we invite you to visit our showroom and audition these pianos for yourself. Playing these models side-by-side with similar-sized pianos lets you see, feel, and hear just how “grand” these YUS series uprights genuinely are.

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