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Find Your Bliss with a Yamaha SILENT Piano™

It’s commonly known that most electronic keyboards and standard digital pianos come equipped with headphone jacks that allow a player to practice in silence. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to play your acoustic piano with headphones, too?

Thankfully, Yamaha has combined the timeless elegance of an acoustic piano with the convenience of modern technology to offer a unique musical experience through its new SC3 and SH3 lines of SILENT Pianos™.

Bottom line: Whether you’re a beginner, a teacher, or an experienced pianist, Yamaha’s SILENT Piano is an excellent choice that combines the best of both acoustic and digital worlds.

Read on to learn how a SILENT Piano works and how its technological advancements can help you explore your musical potential. Plus, get to know Yamaha’s SILENT Piano options and discover whether a SILENT Piano could be right for you.

How does a SILENT Piano work?

A Yamaha SILENT Piano is, first and foremost, a top-quality acoustic piano with strings, hammers, dampers, and soundboards that create rich and resonant tones that can fill any room with musical warmth. But with the touch of a button, these pianos make it possible to play your acoustic piano privately (with headphones!) anytime you want to, day or night, with no one else hearing you!

Yamaha’s extraordinary SILENT Piano is testimony to their expertise, advanced knowledge, and leadership. Each Silent Piano is crafted by master artisans and technical experts who integrate this state-of-the-art system into a modern acoustic piano.

Here’s how it works:

  • When switched to silent mode, a SILENT Piano’s hammers are stopped before hitting the strings, so no sound is heard in the room where you’re playing.
  • Simultaneously, touch sensors read your keystroke movements to interpret how hard or softly the key is played.
  • The system then translates this data into a digital sound of your choice.
  • Thanks to Yamaha’s state-of-the-art technology, you’re treated to the three-dimensional sounds, nuances, and colors of famous acoustic pianos — including the nine-foot CFX grand and a majestic Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand — right in your headphones. These sounds are produced so faithfully that you won’t believe your ears!

Personalize your playing experience with Yamaha’s Smart Pianist app

The Yamaha Smart Pianist app makes it easy to tailor the piano’s response to your preferences, resulting in a truly personalized playing experience. It’s intuitive, user-friendly, and offers various customization options and learning tools. By connecting the piano to the app via Bluetooth, you can:

  • Reproduce the sounds of other instruments through your headphones, including electric piano, organ, choir, strings, and harpsichord, or select from various rhythms to provide automatic accompaniment with drums and bass. Whatever genre of music you’re playing, there’s a voice to compliment your mood.
  • Easily control and customize various aspects of your performance — from adjusting the touch sensitivity to modifying the reverb and resonance effect.
  • Access a vast collection of sheet music from various genres, including classical, pop, jazz, and more, to follow on your device’s screen (which will even “turn” the pages for you automatically as you play!).
  • Record or broadcast your performances for easy sharing and analysis. Pro tip: This feature is especially useful for students receiving feedback from their teachers or for musicians looking to assess their progress and make improvements.

SILENT Piano technology is available on many popular Yamaha pianos

Yamaha offers two versions of its SILENT Piano technology:

Yamaha recently upgraded both versions of its SILENT Piano technology, and each offers a wide range of features. These new versions include higher sensor articulation than previous models creating an even more extraordinary playing experience.

Is a SILENT Piano right for me?

The Yamaha Silent Piano is a revolutionary instrument designed for musicians of all talents who seek versatility, flexibility, and the ability to practice anytime, anywhere. This instrument could be right for you if you are a(n):

  • Aspiring pianist who lives in an apartment, shared spaces, or with noise-sensitive neighbors for whom its unique silencing system makes late-night practice sessions and peaceful environments possible.
  • Piano teacher or music educator who wants to easily evaluate and analyze student performances or deepen opportunities for interactive music education and composition.
  • Professional musicians who wish to connect to sound systems and recording equipment or reproduce the nuances of a concert grand piano while having the freedom to adjust volume levels and experiment with different sounds.

Experience the magic of silence

Ready to unleash your creativity? We invite you to experience Yamaha SILENT Pianos for yourself! Visit our showroom today to experience the convenience of silent practice and the versatile way technology is integrated to reshape the way you play. With a Yamaha SILENT Piano, you’ll embark on a musical journey like no other.

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